Split has been in existence since 2001. Now, in 2007, after the usual rock 'n' roll roulette of line-up changes, broken strings and sociopath-percussionists, the band consists of Garreth D’Mello (vocals), Aviv Pereira (lead guitars), Melroy D’Mello (rhythm guitars), Shekhar Mohite (Bass) and Nigel Collasco (Drums).

Since the first week of January 2006, the band has been working at its debut album (P Is For Pig) and the first 2 tracks are recorded and done. 'Holy Ghost Machine Gun' takes a shot at God Men and their strangely conflicting faith in violence while 'Build (Higher)' seems like the portrait of today’s youth - battered by self doubt and anger fueled by policemen who rape and politicians who kill. The debut album will of course include the all time favourite, super cool, extremely popular, mosh-friendly & heavier-that-pockets sounds of 'My House', 'Fat Oaf' and 'Pig Society'.

So what does Split play these days besides a brand new set of originals? While they've stopped playing Creed because Garreth's sick of 'What If', they have stuck to some of the old-timers - STP, Audioslave, Pearl Jam, SOAD, U2. Add Velvet Revolver, Marilyn Manson, Radiohead and Cake (???) to that list and we have a longer list. Sweet.

Split is managed by ennui.BOMB.


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