If you are looking for a mastering or mixing services then you at the right place! We provide a very fast and cheap service which will 100% satisfy your needs.

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Simply upload your material to our Ftp server using an Ftp client and after the mixing/mastering process is finished, download Demos of your tracks/songs for FREE. If you are satisfied with what you hear, please provide the payment and full length material will be available to you to download. If you don't have an Ftp client yet, please try Free version of the Core FTP.

On your request we will send you via post master redbook cd for you plant, the cd tested by us for errors and made with special cd-rom brand with maximum quality and very low error rates to ensure save processing at the pressing company.




Our job is to give a good punch to your track and a standard volume which is comparable to released material you find on the market. We manage the “pre-mastering” of your work. (commonly called “mastering”) It's the last step before your track is going to be pressed on cd. It can be also useful if your track is not going to be released, to be for example used for your live sets, dj sets or a promo cd.

Let us mix your track/song! In order to complete your order we'll need all tracks individually in WAV or AIFF data formats. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us




Your Mixdown

Please read carefully the following lines to make the things easier for all of us. It’s worth not to have to contact you back several times to correct problems about your further release. We also providing mixing service in case if you wish to clean and improve quality of your mixes.

Track Format
The best format to make the mastering is “wav file, 32bit, 44’100 Hz”. 24Bit resolutions are also ok, if you don't have 32Bit version! Lower bits rates (16 bits) is accepted but you’ll have a dynamic loss. I personally recommend you to you’re projects work with 32 bits. Lower samples resolutions are not accepted, it must be at least 44’100 Hz. Please name your track properly as Artist Name - Track Name!

Compressor / Limiter / Normalization
This is the most important thing: please remove any compressor or limiter you have add on the master channel of your project. Your mix has to stay under -3db without compression on the master channel, so we have needed the headroom! If your mix is clipping, decrease the master level. If the final mix is compressed or limited, we will have to ask you to send us a new version. In the worst case we could refuse your track. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t use compressors and limiters in your tracks (to compress kick and bass for example), this is only about the master channel! Please see below about how your track should appear and not appear if you open it in a wav editor software like: Sound Forge, Wavelab or free editor Wavosaur.


If your track is already compressed like you can see on the right picture, we will not be able to make a proper mastering, because a double compression will kill the dynamics of your track. Also, please do not normalize your final mix before you send it to us. If the peak level in your final mix is to low, try to export it again with a higher master level. Note that it’s not a big issue, if your peak level is –6db for example, this is not a problem.


Our digital studio based on Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E6600-OC@3300Ghz w/c based PC with 4Gb of OCZ DDR2 PC2-8500/ 1066MHz/ NVIDIA® SLI™ -Ready Edition memory.

Audio Interface : • RME Fireface 400

Monitoring: : • Adam P33A
                      • AKG K 271 Studio

DSP : • UAD-1e (Express PAK + 1176LN, Fairchild 670, LA-2A, LA-3A, Precision Multiband, Precision Limiter, Precision EQ, Precision De-Esser, Precision Maximizer, Plate 140, Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Cambridge EQ, Pultec Pro)
         • PowerCore (24/7•C, Character, Chorus• Delay, ClassicVerb, DeNoise, Dynamic EQ, Filtroid, EQSat, MasterX3, MegaReverb, PowerCore 01, PowerCore CL, Tubifex, VoiceStrip + Sonnox Oxford Dynamics, Sonnox Oxford EQ, Sonnox Oxford Inflator, Sonnox Oxford Limiter, Sonnox Oxford Transient Modulator)

Software : • Steinberg WaveLab 6
                 • Steinberg Cubase 4
                 • PlexTools Professional v2.33

Transport : • PlexWriter Premium2

Other Gear : • Access Virus TI Desktop
                     • M-Audio Oxygen8



Number of Songs 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 20+
Price for One song 30€ 28€ 25€ 23€ 20€


Number of Songs 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 20+
Price for One song 30€ 28€ 25€ 23€ 20€

Order mastering and mixing together and get DISCOUNT of 20%. This is limited offer valid till 29.02.2008


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